In the past Direction finders and Radio Buoy's both timed and selcalled have been widely used as a method of locating fishing gear at sea, while effective, this has obvious limitations in so far that no positional or range and bearing information of the Buoy's is available back to the vessel.

With this in mind LINEMASTER now offers a GPS Radio Buoy System incorporating an accurate 12 channel GPS positioning Receiver and high performance FSK (frequency shift keying) Data Transmitter.

The LINEMASTER GPS BUOY SYSTEM will provide previously inaccessible information about how the weather conditions and tidal currents influence the position of the fishing gear.

This can provide significant improvements in fishing operations by reducing steaming costs due to the searching for fishing gear using conventional DF (direction finding) equipment, and will give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your fishing gear is at all times.


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